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By: fab128

>If you find yourself caring that much about whether someone has you in their
buddy list >perhaps you should think about why you care so much and find a way
to not need that sort >of validation so badly.

This is not an answer ! Perhaps this icon is not important enough but I don't
see why something "not important enough" should be removed. Sounds strange to
me !
At least if it is not important "at all" I would understand but you agreed,
using this term, that it might be useful in some cases.
Did gaim developpers receive complaints about this icon urging that it should
be removed as soon as possible ?
If no then they should not try to do too much psychology about their users and
leave this kind of features that might be useful.

I have a pratical example, in case you need one: once one of my e-friends had
a bug with his Msn and I got removed from his user-list but he didn't know it.
With the cross icon I immediatly found that there was a problem and we were
able to solve it quite immediatly. Without this icon, I would have never noticed
the bug and he neither (for him not connected contacts and removed contacts
are all the same: they do not show in his list).

About the complex status: yes it is very useful and well done but easier way
to do should not be removed in case people don't need such a complex behavior.
I don't see why both ways cannot be kept together !

About keyboard shortcuts: this not as quick and useful as an icon, and I don't
see how to create a keyboard shortcut in gaim's menu. Users should have the
choice to put them or not depending on if they find them useful or not.
Why gaim developers want to decide everything for us ?
Comme on we are not childs and we can manage having more options !!

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