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By: fab128

Etan thanks for your reply. I have still some comments. I agree that developing
gaim is not only a matter of answering to complaints but when you remove some
features and receive complaints from users using them, then maybe you should
take them into account rather than trying to convince them why they don't really
need them :-) Personnaly I'm not a child like most of gaim users (as you say)
and I know what features are useful for me or not...

- What do I mean by a much simplier way to control multiple accounts: being
able to manage the status of each account separately without the need to create
a new saved status for each possibilities. If I have N accounts and 2 different
status (connect, disconnect), the number of saved status that I need to handle
every combinaisons is 2^N !! I think that both ways are useful and you didn't
manage to convince me that it is not a good idea to keep them together.
Why not handle "unsaved" miscenaleus status and offer the possibility to save
them if needed ?

- About the shortcut buttons, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would really
appreciate that you keep somewhere an option in order to activate them or not.
It does not cost you a lot and you will make some users happy !!

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