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By: randomstep

I have been thinking about joining gaim development in some manner for awhile.
It's the open source project I am most interested in (besides Firefox) and I
have been following it for quite a while.  Further, while I am relatively 
I still think I can usefully contribute.

It seems to me the area I could best contribute right now would be a new UI
for Windows.  It seems the developers would prefer this actually be a separate
project that uses libpurple - is this correct?  Are there any projects out 
as I know it is better to join an existing one than start a new one?

Finally, do the developers have any words of wisdom / recommendations for where
I could get involved?  That is, would it be better if I spend time helping with
the current windows build or even time helping with the Pidgin code?

For what it is worth, I run Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and Win XP on 4 different machines
at my house, and I run IM clients on all of them regularly, including now 
to video chat (primarily for when I travel).  Obviously I can do a good deal
of testing.

So - any advice or areas you'd like me to get involved?  My ears are open.  :D

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