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By: lschiere

You can link to libpurple just as you would any other C library.  You should
be able to write the interface in any language that has bindings for both Glib
(libpurple depends on glib, but not on GTK+) and for being linked against C
libraries.  I would suggest C, but C++ would certainly also work.

I would suggest you subscribe to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and  These
mailing lists will help you significantly. See  You also want to consider
[EMAIL PROTECTED], but that one is far more optional.  Either way, you will
want to register an account at, and give it a real email
address, though it does not *yet* require it.

You'll find the devel mailing list a much more fruitful place than this forum.
As you have specific questions, I would suggest you turn to that list first.

We are also in the jabber conference [EMAIL PROTECTED] and the irc
channel #pidgin at

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