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By: lschiere

Yes, this forum will almost certainly be closed.  I am not sure what, if 
will replace it right now.

This forum has been largely ignored by the development team.  While there have
been bursts of activity by myself, deryni, datallah, and others, many and at
times all posts get little or no attention from us.

The mailing lists on the other hand, get regular responces, and a high level
of developer presence.  Similarly, much effort was (in the past) put into 
the FAQ.  At other times documentation was written, but in the face of a reality
in which it was quite clearly not being read, the motivation to maintain & 
those docs evaporated.

I suspect that, based on what I have observed of other projects, that while
using a wiki/tracker combo for support in place of the forum/bug tracker combo
offers some risks (there are some very confusing wikis out there), it can be
a more useful and vibrant interaction.  I want to try for that.

Right now we have trac, which provides an integrated wiki & tracker, up
at  It lacks a lot of information, some of which the 
webpage (copied for now to has.

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