University of California, Riverside
February 22-24, 2002

If both gender and sexuality are culturally constructed and ontologically
performative, then it should come as no surprise that the ways in which
sexualities are discussed in the U.S. academy do not translate easily into
other cultural and national discourses.  Indeed, "sexuality" has become a
major source of dissension in transnational discussions focusing on such
issues as women's human rights and the emergence of gay and lesbian
movements. This conference will explore the problems and rewards of
engaging in intercultural dialogue about sexualities.  How and in what
terms can we "know" about "sexualities" as we try to compare them? How are
"sexualities," knowledges, and cosmologies inter-related?

The conference will create a space in which to explore the conceptual and
cosmological differences that the term "sexualities" opens up.  The goal
of this collaborative venture will be to make those differences the basis
for, rather than an obstacle to, non-imperializing exchange.

We invite submission of presentation proposals on, or related to, the
following topics:

Sex Tourism
The Politics of Desire
Sexuality and Spirituality
Sexualities and Intercultural Dialogue
Gay and Lesbian Movements in the "Second" and "Third" World
Sexuality, Technology, and the Body
Indigenous Bodies
Sexuality and Cosmology
Intersections of Local and Global Sexualities
Cultural Frictions
The AIDS Pandemic
(Inter)disciplines and Sexualities
Sexualities and Violence
Sexualities and Epistemologies
Colonizing Sexualities

Presentations should be approximately 30 minutes long. Please send
250-word abstract and two-page CV by October 19, 2001. Full-length text,
if accepted, will be due December 15, 2001.

Contact:  Alicia Arrizon and Marguerite Waller
          "Sexualities and Knowledges" Conference
          c/o The Center for Ideas and Society
          University of California, Riverside
          Riverside, CA 92521
          Phone: (909) 787-5301 ext. 1901 or (909) 787-4577 ext. 1827
          Fax: (909) 787-3967
          E-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED]   or  [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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