Dear GAINS Network Members,

My name is Louise Nyamu and I am an intern with UN-INSTRAW/GAINS at the
headquarters in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from 14th August to 17th
October 2001.  I am a Kenyan student pursuing an MSc. in Political Science
at the Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany, where I have been living for the
past 7 years. My area of specialisation is International Relations/Diplomacy
and Gender Studies.

While at INSTRAW I am assisting Hazel Reeves, the GAINS Manager, in
researching for gender training material, also as concerns ICTs. I also
intend to do personal research on my final thesis, which should be on the
topic "The Influence of Corruption of the Rights of Women especially in
Developing Countries". As coming across the appropriate reading material is
proving to be rather difficult, I would appreciate whatever input you, as a
GAINS Network member, may be able to accord me, as far as literary sources,
etc. are concerned. To this effect, I will also be writing an input paper
before the end of my sojourn at INSTRAW.

Other than having undertaken a previous internship at the headquarters of
Transparency International in 1999 where I edited the volume "Codes of
Conduct - A Sample Reader" for the NGO which fights to curb international
corruption, I am also involved with the International Literature Festival
Berlin in the capacity of treasurer, literature being a further interest
that I actively cultivate. Additionally, since 1992 I have been a member of
AIESEC (the international organisation for students interested in economics
and commerce), which enjoys NGO/observer status at UNESCO, as well as the
German United Nations Association (since 1999), through which I have taken
part in various United Nations simulations.  I am also an active member of
"Muungano wa Wakenya", the organisation for Kenyans residing in Germany.

I hope I will be in a position to give and gain through GAINS!

Louise Nyamu

Louise Nyamu
United Nations International Research & Training Institute for the
Advancement of Women - INSTRAW
Intern: GAINS - Gender Training Research Assistant
Av. Cesar Nicolas Penson # 102A, Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.
Tel.: +1-809-685-2111
Fax: +1-809-685-2117

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