Of course, it was a terrible, terrible series of acts but let us not forget
who created Saddam Hussein (CIA vis Iran) and who created the military in
Afghanistan (CIA vis the Soviets). Let us not forget that the US already
spends $27billion on military intelligence and more than twice all the
other G-7 countries combined on defense. 

Let us not forget that the next time it will be the poisoning of the LA
water supply; a micro nuclear bomb in the City or a supervirus wiping out
all our bank accounts. Let us not forget that thousands of children die or
suffer unspeakable misery every day around the world for reasons that
institutions we in the West control and could prevent. 

It is extremely unfortunate that Bush has called the bombings an act of
war: they are monstrous acts of terrorism but not war: when the IRA bombed
London, was NATO justified to bomb Ireland? What kind of treatment of Arab
or Muslim Americans can be justified in a state of war? The US speaks of an
assault on democracy but where is the democracy in global decision-making?
This attack is not out of context - it is a statement made in extreme -
perhaps because until now, the powers that be refuse to listen.
One thing we must all do is reach out to our Arab or Islamic friends. We
must also speak out with increasing force against growing wealth
disparities and ecological distruction around the world. If we don't then
we are handing it all over to the fanatics who are bred in the misery of
the powerlessness they feel. 
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