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We wish to extend our deepest condolences to all who have lost loved
ones and to the millions more whose lives have been affected by the
September 11 tragedy in the United States.
We condemn terrorism and seek a peaceful and harmonious world.



= Women's Organisation for Development and Conflict Resolution
     Mission: Socioeconomic development for all.
     Profile includes document that describes the effort undertaken by
     WODREC in the implementation and organization of rural women with
     the efforts to reach a state of self-sustainance as well as
     sustainable development.


= Plan for Modernisation of Agriculture
     In March 2001, Gender Disaggregated Data (GDD) Capacity Building
     Workshop was implemented by Ministry of Agriculture, Animal
     Industries and Forestry (MAAIF) Planning Department funded by
     FAO under the programme of Integrated Support to Sustainable
     Development and Food Security (IP).
     At the end of the workshop, participants came to understand the
     vital element of GDD for the success of all agricultural
     programs, in particular, the Plan for Modernisation of
     Agriculture (PMA). Read about the PMA at:


= Mulheres Negras
      Mulheres Negras is a nonprofit organization, based in Brazil,
      that disseminates information on research, organizations and
      initiatives involved with the emancipation of the black
      community. The website contains a database with authors,
      researchers, books, papers in different areas of knowledge such
      as health, education, African history, art, etc. (In


a)   Development Links and Resources

= Development for the Poor
      Development for the Poor (DP) is a registered non-governmental
      voluntary social development organization founded in 1984 in
      Bangladesh. DP aims to assist the poor, destitute/disadvantaged
      women, youth and children of our target areas for their
      socio-economic upliftment and establish their rights in all level
      of the society.

= Prospective Internationale
      Prospective Internationale (PI) is engaged in research for
      sustainable development. Following the principle of bottom to top
      resources and proposals, it is coupled to an international
      network of communication including the Internet and television.
      PI uses the concept of Simultaneous Policy to democratically
      implement on a global scale the results of its investigations.

b) Human Rights Links and Resources

= Women's Human Rights Resources
      The purpose of the Women's Human Rights Resources Web Site is to
      provide reliable and diverse information on international women's
      human rights via the Internet. The site is developed by the Bora
      Laskin Law Library of University of Toronto, Canada.


October 2001

= I Virtual World Congress of Young Entrepreneurs and SMEs
      The Young Entrepreneur Association of Zaragoza, Spain is
      organizing in collaboration with the European Union, The Spanish
      Kingdom, and the Government of Aragón the I Virtual World
      Congress of Young Entrepreneurs and SMEs that will be celebrated
      in October 2001. The objective is to create a community of
      business entities worldwide to participate in the development of
      the I World Congress of Entrepreneurs and SMEs.

May 2002

= Coady International Institute: Certificate For Women - Community
    Development Leadership. May 13 - June 7, 2002
      The Certificate For Women - Community Development Leadership
      Program is an innovative four-week designed to provide women
      development workers with the necessary knowledge and skills to be
      effective decision-makers and to advance within their
      organizations. The Certificate Program will enhance and clarify
      concepts and theories of development and critically examine
      various contemporary and leading-edge approaches.

= Celebrating Mountain Women, May 28 - 31, 2002
      The UN's proposed International Year of the Mountains (IYM) 2002
      has presented a unique opportunity to highlight the realities of
      life in the mountains and put women on the mountain agenda. In
      this context, ICIMOD and the Mountain Forum plan to hold a global
      conference, Celebrating Mountain Women (CMW), to launch a
      long-term programme for mountain women at ICIMOD. This
      international conference is a chance to celebrate the drive,
      spirit and diversity of mountain women everywhere. At the
      conference, mountain women will also prepare a message for the
      Earth Summit to be held in South Africa in 2002.

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