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Please find enclosed some info about a new program on Economic Empowerment
for Women, initiated by Mama Cash . Sorry for cross-posting.


Economic Empowerment
On 1 August 2001, Mama Cash launched a new program: Economic Empowerment for
women. This means that the program is now ready to give out grants to small,
innovative or starting women's groups. Overall, Mama Cash aims to broaden
the economic basis of the women's movement itself,  to assist groups working
for economic justice worldwide, and to contribute to gathering,
consolidating and mobilising the knowledge of women to engender economic

World-wide, the majority of women are increasingly economically
marginalised and impoverished. The value of women's work is eroding; women
are working more for less. Mama Cash support those women's groups which
are taking initiatives to improve women's economic position and changing
unjust economic structures that keep women poor.

As part of the Economic Empowerment Program, Mama Cash subsidies are
available for women's groups which are starting up new initiatives and
 on inspiring feminist economic alternatives and models, aiming to
influence economic policies (world-wide)
 on campaigns on international economics, against the power of
multinationals from a genderperspective (world-wide)
 on documenting the success of women's economic campaigns and activities as
an example to others (world-wide)
 on women workers organising in marginalised economic sectors (only for the
Global South, East and Central Europe)

Mama Cash supports women's groups that are working on feminist economic
alternatives and models with the aim to influence economic policies
nationally, regionally and internationally. The women's movement needs new
inspiring views on how to break current economic deadlocks and change the
power relations that bind women to poverty. Mama Cash only supports those
initiatives of women's groups that are directly linked to the women's
movement and that have a campaigning and international element
   What: subsidy, maximum fl 10,000
   For: women's groups, world-wide

Women's groups campaigning on international economics, trade and investment,
against the power of transnational companies may apply for funds in order to
expand their visibility, influence and power, both in general and within
existing international campaigns. Activities must have a gender/feminist
perspective. Groups in the global South have preference but there is a small
fund for groups in the global North.
   What: subsidy, maximum fl 20,000
   For: women's groups, world-wide

Mama Cash gives out small subsidies to women workers organising. Funds are
limited to those women's groups who consist of marginalised women (e.g.
indigenous women), women working in the informal sectors and  who do not get
access to existing labour unions funds and who are (also) working on gender
specific labour issues. In addition Mama Cash supports the labour
organisation of sex workers.
   What: subsidy, maximum fl 10,000
For: women's groups, Global South and East and Central Europe

Mama Cash supports those projects that document the successes of the women's
movement and women's campaigns in the struggle for economic empowerment.
Women's groups, who wish to document their experiences of successful
campaigns and cannot find funding elsewhere, may apply to Mama Cash. This
budget line is not open to individuals. Projects must be initiated and
carried out by women's groups, be new inspiring examples for others and
project positive images of women as agents. A distribution plan for the
final documentation must be included.
   What: subsidy, maximum fl 10,000
For: women's groups documenting their own history of economic empowerment,

All correspondence may be addressed to Marieke van Schaik
Telephone 31-20-6893634 (Fridays only)

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