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How does gender impact on access to treatment?
Hella von Unger, Germany

Hi everyone,

A friend asked me to write an article for the newspaper of the national
body of leftist student organizations (FZS) in Germany - a good
opportunity to introduce access to treatment issues and the MNC campaign
to student politics in Germany, I think. The issue will have a feminist
focus, so I thought I might write a piece on access to treatment viewed
through a gender lens. Does anyone know of any articles that address the
issue of how access/no access to treatment affects men and women
differently in high prevalence countries?

I'm aware of a huge body of research on the greater vulnerability of women
to HIV (in terms of transmission and prevention), but the only studies on
gender and health disparities in the context of HIV/AIDS treatment and
care that I have seen were conducted in industrialized countries. Yet I
wonder whether the same thing (women being treated as second class
citizens and patients) is happening in other countries, too? I am thinking
of MTCT programs in some African countries, for example, where there is
nevirapine to protect foetuses from becoming infected, but there are
hardly any treatment options for mothers with HIV/AIDS. Or take our MNC
campaign - we're asking for treatment at the workplace - who is being
employed? I bet more men than women. (Which is why we're asking for
treatment for employees AND their families and sex partners, no?!) I guess
my point is that there is always a danger of reinforcing existing social
inequalities, be it inequalities along the lines of gender, employment,
race, you name it.

If anyone wants to share thoughts on how gender (in combination with race,
class etc) impacts on access to treatment in high prevalence countries -
please let me know! Suggestions for useful literature would also be most

Thanks a lot,

Hella von Unger
(212) 316 2659


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