On 5/15/07, Yavor Doganov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> James Newton wrote:
> >
> > +#include <CoreFoundation/CoreFoundation.h>
> > +#include <CoreServices/CoreServices.h>
> If there's a way NOT to use CoreFoundation and Core* in principle, by
> all means please try to.  It is not implemented in GNUstep (yet).
> Some time ago I spent few restless nights trying to port AbiWord's
> MuckOS port to GNUstep and failed miserably mainly because of this.  I
> find it outrageous that free programs are being ported to proprietary
> OSes anyway, instead of extending them to work better on variants of
> the GNU system.  But I'm not a Gajim developer so my opinion doesn't
> count here.
> Frustratingly, 85% of the traffic on this list was Windoze-oriented.
> Now it'll be 85% Windoze and 10% Muck OS X.

If you know of a way to support both OS/X and GNUstep then I will help
out from my side. I dont own a machine with GNUstep installed and I
probably never will. But I am all for portability. You say the
CoreFoundation stuff is not implemented in GNUstep yet. The only
reason I am using that is for integration with OS/X's 'window manager'
and desktop environment. I'd guess there are other methods for doing
the same in GNUstep. Incidentally the GTK+ port uses Quartz and CF.

I'm not gonna get into pissing contest on the philosophy of free
software. Beating people with an idea will never make them accept it.
I for one believe in free software. But you have to bridge the gap to
get people move from one camp to another.
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