Jonathan Schleifer wrote:
> Am 08.02.2009 um 16:30 schrieb Yann Leboulanger:
>> Esessions: already in release, and I don't see any bug.
> It's a very basic implementation, not yet complete. But it's going to go
> away anyway due to XTLS, I guess.

what is not complete?

>> Jingle: Liori will work on that after his exams, in some weeks.
> That's only Jingle Audio, I guess? Then we could have Jingle Video and
> Jingle File Transfers as a project.

Yep that are projects I thought about. But I don't know if it's hard and
long enough for a GSOC project (3 months full time job).As we'll already
have jingle for voice, is adding FT or video hard? I cannot answer.

>> Plugin system: I'll talk about that with Vardo. Maybe on wednesday.
> Ok.
>> But that doesn't mean someone else cannot work on a new feature. I
>> cannot do everything in this project: discuss and fix tickets, implement
>> new features. I need help. So anything that can bring help (GSOC for
>> example) is very welcome.
> I don't think only introducing new features is a good idea. We could
> have a SoC project which is to fix bugs, do API changes, rewrite some of
> the code that needs a rewrite. We could have a project that is to
> separate the GUI code from the XMPP code (it's sometimes mixed in
> common/) etc. There can be project that help Gajim, but don't introduce
> new features before the others are stable.

I don't think such a project would be accepted by XSF members. Plugin
system last year was hardly discussed, and not easily accepted.

Not that what you said is useless, of course! But it doesn't promote
XMPP directly, showing new feature that can be done thanks to XMPP.

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