I second the last point: even with the individual chat, if the users keep their 
chat windows open while they are away, the actual messages become lost due to 
large volume of "user has gone offline" and "user has come online" log entries. 
On many occasions I asked someone in the afternoon "did you receive my message 
in the morning?" and they did not know I messaged them.

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first, sorry if I am filling the wrong place with user questions but to me this 
seems the only place to post these; most of the other means of contacts listed 
in the community wiki [1] seem not active or existent anymore... :(

Questions: We use an openfire server internally, for user-to-user communication 
and for one or two chat groups for communicating "important" things the whole 
team needs to know.

(1) In user-to-user chat, I have gajim configured to pop up a new window 
whenever a new message comes in, which is just how I want. With the team window 
minimized or hidden however, I regularly miss messages because I haven't found 
any way to make the group chat window come up whenever there's any activity in 
there. Is there a way to configure this behaviour?

(2) In the group chat, important messages usually get lost among loads of "user 
<xy> has joined the group" and "user <yz> has left the group". 
Can the group chat be configured to suppress such messages? They aren't of much 
use but greatly distract from actual content... ;)

Thanks in advance and all the best,

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