Peter Cock wrote:

> > Were there really no eggs, or did you remove your eggs directory prior
> > to running this fetch?
> I can't tell you if there were no eggs (I'm fairly sure there were
> some), but I hadn't removed any deliberately. Might that have
> happened via hg update clean?

I'm pretty sure hg update clean will only remove changes of tracked
files, not untracked ones like the eggs.

> > Depending on the answer to the above question, it means there is
> > probably (still) a bug in the egg conflict/resolve code somewhere.
> I will be in touch if this happens again (and it probably will next
> time the database schema is updated), but if you want I could
> try and reproduce it by doing a clean checkout of an old revision,
> running galaxy, then try to update it to the current code.

If you know the exact revision to start with to reproduce it, that'd
certainly help.


> Regards,
> Peter
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