Sorry for the slow reply. We've been discussing this issue internally:

> For the project that I'm currently working on, I need to have a link to one 
> particular workflow appear in the Tools left-hand side panel/frame for every 
> user that logs in to Galaxy. They shouldn't have to import the specific 
> workflow — it should automatically be listed. I know that I can create links 
> in the Tools panel, but it seems that in order to access a workflow (via 
> direct URL such as: '/workflow/run?id=12345') the logged in user has to 
> either be the creator of the workflow or the creator has to have explicitly 
> "shared" the workflow with the user.
> Is there a way to grant "share" permission on a workflow to all logged-in 
> users, so that I can list it as a Tool link and it shows up for all users, 
> current and those who may register in the future?

Published workflows should meet your needs as they are accessible to all users. 
What we think should happen--but isn't yet implemented--is that published 
workflows should appear below shared workflows when a user clicks Workflows --> 
All Workflows. We plan to implement this in the future, but it's not a priority 
right now. If you do implements something of this sort, please consider share 
your code either by forking on bitbucket or sending a patch to this list; we 
welcome community contributions to the galaxy source code.

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