Hi Greg,

Regarding the tools contained in fml_gff_converter_programs.tar.bz2, the
> following xml files are not well formed due to the malformed "<! -- TODO
> EDIT HERE >" tag:
> fml_gff_converter_programs/galaxy/bed_to_gff3.xml
> fml_gff_converter_programs/galaxy/gff3_to_bed.xml
> fml_gff_converter_programs/galaxy/gff3_to_gtf.xml
> fml_gff_converter_programs/galaxy/gtf_to_gff3.xml
> In addition, none of these files include the required "version" attribute
> in the <tool> tag.

Many thanks for pointing me the version number issue with tool configuration
file. I forgot the same.

> The same goes for the files in ~/gff_groomer/fml_gff_groomer/galaxy - they
> are not well-formed due to the same <! -- TODO EDIT HERE > tag, and they do
> not include the "version" attribute int the <tool> tag.  Tools tags should
> look something like this:
> <tool id="fml_bed2gff" name="BED_to_GFF3" version="1.0.0">
> I've made some enhancements to the tool shed code that will display errors
> like this ( rather than resulting in the current server error ), so the next
> time I update the tool shed ( within the next couple of days ), this problem
> will be corrected.
> In the meantime, if you make the above corrections, you should have no
> problems uploading your tools to the tool shed.
> Thanks very much for pointing out these issues, and for taking the time to
> contribute your tools to the Galaxy community.
Yes I did the changes accordingly and now it uploaded into the Tool shed.
Thanks for your quick fix.

regards, Vipin
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