I currently use a galaxy server with cluster. This cluster uses SGE.
I'd like to specify a queue other than the default.
I have tried many combinaisons with drmaa:/// without success. The queue used is always the default one.

I've just configured my Galaxy instance to work to submit to a specific LSF queue. I am passing native specification LSF options to be used with drmaa. The relevant part of my universe_wsgi.ini looks like this:

# The URL for the default runner to use when a tool doesn't explicitly define a
# runner below.
default_cluster_job_runner = drmaa://-q srpipeline -P pipeline/

where -q srpipeline defines the queue and -P pipeline defined the project name.

SGE native specification options might be different, you'll have to look in the SGE docs

Setting the queue with an env variable does not work for me and leads to a segmentation fault due to a bug inside the lsf-drmaa library


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