On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 11:21 AM, Vossen, Bodo
<bodo.vos...@mpi-bn.mpg.de> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've implemented functionality for adding tools via the admin menu.

That sounds very useful in principle, although perhaps
the less flexible alternative of reloading tool_conf.xml
would achieve the same aim?

> ...
> Then it is checked if script and XML are "compatible" by
> checking if they have the same number of arguments.

This seems very fragile, and having looked at the code for
detecting the number of arguments in a Python script it
looks like it will get it wrong in many situations. Even
for something quite simple like this:

#sys.argv[0] is the script file itself
assert len(sys,argv)==4, "Expect 3 arguments"
arg1, arg2, arg3 = sys.argv[1:]

Also, what about conditional code like this?

assert len(sys.argv)==4, "Expect 3 arguments"
if sys.argv[1] == "db":
    database = sys.argv[2]
    filename = None
    database = None
    filename = sys.argv[2]
out_filename = sys.argv[3]

If I have read your get_parameter_number code right,
it would claim there are four arguments since there
are four lines of the basic form variable = sys.argv[i]

Also, it cannot possibly work when there are a varying
number of arguments, for example a repeat argument.
If you want a test case, my Venn Diagram tool on the
Tool Shed should be relevant (its a python script).

> If you have any comments or question please do not
> hesitate to contact me, I'm open for every kind of critics.

I would remove the attempt to check the number of arguments.
It is practically impossible to get this right in all cases,
so I don't think it is worth doing. Having valid script/xml
combinations rejected would be quite annoying.

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