if you were just interested in having a dynamic refresh.... it was posted long 
time ago and we have it operational. It comes as a tool in your tool list and 
refreshes all from the tool_conf.xml. Not the loc filtes though! As far as i 
remember it doesn't kill running jobs.
It requires two lines of code in galaxy source and the addition of a tool to 
the tools section.
I pasted it from my archive below. But it is quite self explanatory.

Galaxy source adapt for tool refresh 
> Changes to Galaxy to add refresh toolbox ability:
> 1. change the execute method of the class tool in 
> lib/galaxy/tools/ to
> def execute( self, trans, incoming={}, set_output_hid=True ):
>         """
>         Execute the tool using parameter values in `incoming`. This just
>         dispatches to the `ToolAction` instance specified by
>         `self.tool_action`. In general this will create a `Job` that
>         when run will build the tool's outputs, e.g. `DefaultToolAction`.
>         """
>         #############
>         #add code to verify if user has administrative privileges
>         #added by sumedha ganjoo, sganjoo at line 1104 to 1109 - to 
> refresh toolbox
>         if == 'REFRESH_ID':
>         #############
>         return self.tool_action.execute( self, trans, 
> incoming=incoming, set_output_hid=set_output_hid )
> 2. add refreshToolBox method (find below) to UniverseApplication class 
> in lib/galaxy/
>     ###########
>     # added by sumedha ganjoo,sganjoo at, line 86-90
>     def refreshToolBox( self):
>         self.toolbox = tools.ToolBox( self.config.tool_config, 
> self.config.tool_path, self )
>     ###########
> 3. Add Refresh tool. Attached.
> Thanks,
> Sumedha
> <tool id="REFRESH_ID" name="Refresh" Version="1.0.0"> <description> 
> :Refresh Galaxy</description> <command interpreter="python">
>       $input
>       $output
> </command>
>   <inputs>
>    <param name="input" type="select" display="radio" size="250" 
> label="Execute this tool by clicking on Execute button">
>    <option value="refresh">Refresh Galaxy</option> 
>    </param>
>   </inputs>
>   <outputs>
>      <data format="tabular" name="output" />
>   </outputs>
>   <tests>
>   </tests>
>   <help>
> **Click on "Galaxy" on the top left corner of this window to refresh 
> the page.**
>    </help>
> </tool>

Van: [] 
namens Peter Cock []
Verzonden: maandag 30 mei 2011 21:09
Aan: Vossen, Bodo
Onderwerp: Re: [galaxy-dev] Implemented adding tools via admin console

On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 9:54 AM, Vossen, Bodo wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> thanks a lot for your comments.

Hi Bodo,

No problem :)

> I think it is more comfortable to be able to upload tools and xml via the
> webbrowser than to open a terminal and copy them, that was the idea
> behind my work. Especially for our institute this is very useful.

For me the command vs the web interface is not important.
What I was excited about was adding a tool to Galaxy without
having to restart Galaxy and interrupt any users.

> You're right about the check_argument methods. I wasn't sure to add this
> kind of functionality in the first place, because it can become very tricky.
> What I did should just be the very first step for someone who wants to
> continue the work (if this makes sense).
> That's why I added a checkbox that disable this check, so that you still
> can upload your tool/xml even the argument test would fail.

It might be useful then.

> Do you have some comments about the other parts ? Is this something
> you would be interested in using ?

I've not had a chance to try the code yet, but it could be useful.

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