Hi Jeremy,

Sorry for the delayed response from my side.

(1) click the pencil on a BAM dataset;
> (2) try converting from BAM to BAI;
> If the conversion failed, you should receive an informative error message
> about why it's failing. Once you get this conversion to pass, you should be
> able to visualize your BAM dataset in Trackster.
Thanks for your suggestions and they helped me to debug the issue. The
conversion from BAM to BAI
was working fine at my end. After few hours of debugging I had found that
the error was caused by a mistake
from my side, the BAM file which I tried to display on trackster was

Many thanks for your quick replies, Also I have a request about a search
option in Trackster (We discussed at GCC)

It will be great if you would enable a search option such that
biologist/user can look for a particular feature based on
feature ID or Name, (for example: read coverage for a candidate gene) Right
now user need to go through all regions
over the chromosomes. In my point most of users are more familiar with names
than location in the genome.

Thanks for considering,


> Let us know if you're still having trouble.
> Best,
> J.
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