Hi John,

John Chilton wrote, On 07/22/2011 11:40 AM:
> We have Galaxy behind an apache proxy, and apache is taking care of
> the authentication. If I want to enable exporting workflows and
> histories to other galaxy instances do I just need to disable the
> authentication checks for locations "/history/export_archive" and
> "/workflow/for_direct_import"? I assume this wouldn't also open a
> hole that would allow unpublished workflows or histories to be
> accessed by others (at my institution or else wise), is this
> correct?

We have the same situation with two internal galaxies. We use the following 
apache "mod_rewrite" rule to detect incoming requests from one galaxy server, 
and add a fake REMOTE_USER variable, simulating an authenticated user:

## This rule match "genomics.cshl.edu" server, and
## adds a fake authenticated user - allow people
## to copy datasets from rave to genomics
RewriteCond %{REMOTE_HOST}  =
RewriteRule (.*) $1 [E=MCAC_UserName:genomics_import]

<Location "/galaxy" >
            RequestHeader add REMOTE_USER %{MCAC_UserName}e

            require valid-user
            Order Allow,Deny
            Allow from genomics.cshl.edu
            Satisfy any


There are two important statements here:
1. the "RewriteCond + RewriteRule" check for the server's IP, and creates the 
environment variable for the fake authenticated user.
2. the "Allow from genomics" + "Satisfy any" means that apache will allow 
access to the "/galaxy" location from either an authenticated user or from a 
specific host.

Hope this helps,

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