thanks for your comments, fellas.

permissions would certainly cause this problem, but that's not the cause for

most wrappers just serve to redirect stderr, so i don't think it's the
wrapper script itself, but the stdout/stderr files are part of the problem.

the error message is thrown in the finish_job method when it can't open the
source/dest stdout/stderr for reading/writing.  i split the try statement to
add finer-grained error messages but i already verified the files do exist,
so it's seems to be a file system issue.

i suspect it's because the storage i'm using as a staging area has
flashdrives between the RAM and spinnning disks, so upon close, the file
buffers may get flushed out of RAM to the SSDs but not immediately be
available from the SCSI drives.  Or maybe the (inode) metadata table hasn't
finished updating yet.  if so, it's not the fact that the cluster is heavily
utilized, but the filesystem is.  this disk is expressly for staging cluster
jobs.  i'll see if adding a short sleep and retry once upon error solves
this problem... but i won't know immediately as the problem is intermittent.
 that's the problem with fancy toys; they often come with fancy problems!

On Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 2:42 AM, Peter Cock <>wrote:

> also had this error message (I'm currently working out how to
> connect our Galaxy to our cluster), and in at least one case it was
> caused by a file permission problem - the tool appeared to run but
> could not write the output files.
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