Hi Peter,

On 8/9/11 2:55 AM, Peter Cock wrote:
Hi Jen,

To remind others (readers of this email), bitbucket is not intended to
replace the mailing lists for suspected bugs/bug reports, questions, or
general discussion.

Could you clarify that bit on the wiki that reads "If you think you've
seen a bug - please, report it to the Galaxy Development List rather
than the issue tracker", since this seems to requesting email first
rather than filing a bug.

Yes, emailing to the galaxy-...@bx.psu.edu mailing list is the preferred way to vet out a potential bug with local or cloud installs Once a problem is confirmed, then we can work together to decide if it can simply be fixed right away (and by whom) or if it is longer-term issue that would be best tracked by opening a ticket.

Thanks for asking - we are working on updating the wiki in this area over the next few weeks, so are happy to work together to come up with good & clear communication plan. I'll definitely use your comments to clarify some of these statements.

Thanks as always Peter!

Galaxy team


Jennifer Jackson
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