I don't mean to be pushy, but just in case my question is buried and forgotten to be viewed. Could someone have a look at this, please?


On 12/09/11 10:20, Fengyuan Hu wrote:
Dear Galaxy developers,

I'm trying to create a tool to export galaxy interval data to InterMine instances.

Firstly, based on the tool to send dataset to EpiGRAPH, I created one to FlyMine, it's working on my local instance. Then I tried a bit complex one, to integrate multiple mines in one tool, source xml as following:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<tool name="Perform advanced genomic region search" id="intermine_export">
<description> with an InterMine instance</description>
<redirect_url_params>GENOME=${input1.dbkey} NAME=${input1.name} INFO=${input1.info}</redirect_url_params>
<param format="bed" name="input1" type="data" label="Send this dataset to an InterMine instance">
<validator type="unspecified_build" />
<conditional name="destination">
<param name="indexDestination" type="select" label="Select InterMine instance" help="InterMine genomic region search service.">
<option value="flymine">FlyMine</option>
<option value="modmine">modMine</option>
<option value="metabolicmine">MetabolicMine</option>
<when value="flymine">
<param name="REDIRECT_URL" type="hidden" value="http://www.flymine.org/query/genomicRegionSearch.do"; />
<when value="modmine">
<param name="REDIRECT_URL" type="hidden" value="http://intermine.modencode.org/query/genomicRegionSearch.do"; />
<when value="metabolicmine">
<param name="REDIRECT_URL" type="hidden" value="http://www.metabolicmine.org/beta/query/genomicRegionSearch.do"; />
<param name="DATA_URL" type="baseurl" value="/datasets" />
<param name="GALAXY_URL" type="baseurl" value="/tool_runner?tool_id=intermine_import" />
        some help text here...

I use <conditional> tag on intermine instances, it will be parsed to a dropdown list in html page, every time I select a different mine, I'd like the value of "REDIRECT_URL" param to change accordingly, but this is not working. After testing and reading the doc a bit, I realised that "REDIRECT_URL" will be renamed "destination | REDIRECT_URL" in the rendered html, and the xml parser will only recognise the key word "REDIRECT_URL" (reserved), is this the case?

Can I still valid my logics in the xml?


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