I'm trying to translate galaxy into Chinese recently.

I found there's a directory "locale" under the galaxy directory, it looks
like this:

|-- en
|       |-- ginga.mo
|       |-- ginga.po
|       |-- tools.mo
|       `-- tools.po
|-- ginga.pot
|-- ja
|       |-- ginga.mo
|       |-- ginga.po
|       |-- tools.mo
|       `-- tools.po
|-- tools.pot

It seems that Galaxy could display in Japanese, then I stopped the running
galaxy service on the localhost and tried:

# export LANG=ja_JP.utf-8
# run.sh

But the webpage is still English.

Then I copied the *.mo files to /usr/share/locale/ja_JP/LC_MESSAGES, but it
doesn't work either.

Does anyone know whether it's possible to display galaxy in Japanese now?


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