Hi Galaxy Users,

I'm interested in integrating microarray and NGS data.
My problem concerns the uploading of an affybatch object
in Galaxy (I have a local instance of galaxy, but exacly
the same problem is present in http://main.g2.bx.psu.edu)

After processing the upload, the only message in the
green output data box of the history is something like:
##failed to find /galaxy/main_database/files/003/251/dataset_3251699_files/rexpression.pheno
Can you help me in understanding what's wrong?

In particular the data which I'm trying to upload are
created with rexpression (incidentally, is it still
supported or novel versions are attended?), because
this package gives my some problems and I'm trying
to upload manually some results (which seems ok on
the disk) to see what is happening.


Maybe some other packages exists to deal with microarray
data in Galaxy? e.g. retrieving data from GEO/ArrayExpress,
normalizing them, show in a matrix differential expressed
genes to join/confront them with novel NGS experiment...
I know it's a lot of stuff..

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