I am newish to Galaxy and trying to learn how I might integrate it with our
workflows and LIMS for automated data handling.  I am aware of the API and
have looked up all the documentation that I could find.  However, there are
many things I cannot make sense of, and have not been able to find
information to help me out.  I think a good place to start asking questions
is with how to run workflow_execute.py and ask what each of the parameters
are and where to get the information from them



               *API key - got this and understand

               *url - got this and understand

               *workflow_id - I have created workflows and have been able to
find what looks to be a workflow_id by clicking on the workflow name and
selecting "Download or Export".  It seems this may be correct, is it?

               *history - a named history to use?  Should this already
exist?  I have no idea here.

               *step=src=dataset_id - ??? I have no idea ???  I have seen
how to create data libraries manually at the command line; does this factor


If anyone has information they can help me out with, it would be much




Craig Blackhart

Computer Scientist

Applied Engineering Technologies

Los Alamos National Laboratory


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