Dear all,

I have a working module which generates wig files for genomic annotation
from a single column of a bigger input data matrix (Input A). In the
current state, the user has to input the column name (Input B) from
which to calculate the values in the wig file.

Now I'd like to modify the xml in such a way, that depending on the
input dataset (Input A) a dynamic list for Input B is generated.

I found Hans-Rudolf Hotz' hints from some time ago on this list and
thought that the following would be a good start:

<param name   = "InputB"
       label  = "InputBName"
       format = "data"
       type   = "select"
       help   = "Use tickboxes to select model"
       display = "radio"
       dynamic_options = "getInputBOptions($InputA)" />

<code file=""> contains a single function
def getInputBOptions($InputA):
    ## parse Input A
    ## create list InputBOptions

Using this approach I get an invalid syntax message when trying to even
open the module - in any case I have the feeling that something is still
missing here.
Did anybody solve a similar problem already and could give me a hint on
how to solve that?


Dr. Holger Klein
Core Facility Bioinformatics
Institute of Molecular Biology gGmbH (IMB)
Tel: +49(6131) 39 21511
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