On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 5:08 PM, Dannon Baker <dannonba...@me.com> wrote:
> It's definitely an experimental feature at this point, and there's no wiki,
> but basic support for breaking jobs into tasks does exist.  It needs a lot
> more work and can go in a few different directions to make it better,

Not what I was hoping to hear, but a promising start :)

> but check out the wrappers with <parallelism> defined, and enable
> use_tasked_jobs in your universe_wsgi.ini and restart.  That's all it
> should take from a fresh galaxy install to get, iirc, at least BWA and
> a few other tools working.  If you want a super trivial example to play
> with, change the tool .xml for text tool like "change case" to have
> <parallelism method="basic"></parallelism> and give that a shot.

Excellent - that saved me searching blindly.

$ cd tools
$ grep parallelism */*.xml
samtools/sam_bitwise_flag_filter.xml:  <parallelism
sr_mapping/bowtie_wrapper.xml:  <parallelism method="basic"></parallelism>
sr_mapping/bwa_color_wrapper.xml:  <parallelism method="basic"></parallelism>
sr_mapping/bwa_wrapper.xml:  <parallelism method="basic"></parallelism>

Are those four tools being used on Galaxy Main already with
this basic parallelism in place?

Looking at the code in lib/galaxy/jobs/splitters/basic.py its
comments suggest it only works on tools with one input and
one output file (although that seems a bit fuzzy as you could
be using BWA with a FASTA history item as the reference -
would that fail?).

I see also interesting things in lib/galaxy/jobs/splitters/multi.py
Is that even more experimental? It looks like it could be used
to say BWA's read file was to be split, but the reference file

Regarding the merging of the out, I see there is a default merge
method in lib/galaxy/datatypes/data.py which just concatenates
the files. I am surprised at that - it seems like a very bad idea in
general - consider many binary files, or XML. Why not put this
as the default for text and subclasses thereof?

There is also one example where the merge method gets
overridden, lib/galaxy/datatypes/tabular.py which avoids the
repetition of any headers when merging SAM files.

That should be enough clues to implement other customized
merge code for other datatypes.

> If you decide to try this out, do keep in mind that this feature is not
> at all complete and while there's a long list of things we still want
> to experiment with along these lines suggestions (and especially
> contributions) are absolutely welcome.

OK then, I hope to have a play with this shortly.



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