Hello Galaxy Team/Users,

Thanks again for your great work.  A few months back I setup a local Galaxy 
server behind Nginx  and everything worked great except for the browser-based 
automatic-install of tools from Galaxy-main. Using the web interface I would 
click on "Install to local Galaxy" and get the following error message:

The resource could not be found. 
No route for /repository/Noneadmin_toolshed/install_repository

At the time I had absolutely no idea where the problem came from and the very  
helpful dev team assisted me in tracking the issue to a problem with the proxy 
configuration, however I was never able to resolve the issue despite tinkering 
with the proxy configuration. Since I need the proxy (on a computer with other 
web-facing services) and since  I could install tools using mercurial I didn't 
follow up the issue, however, automatic-install of tools would be great to 
have. A similar error is in the archives for someone using Apache 
 ) and when I e-mailed the author he said he hadn't been able to resolve the 
issue and had simply worked around it as I had.  

As my Galaxy setup is very straightforward and follows the Galaxy Wiki 
instructions, I am thinking that others must have encountered this same 
problem, so here is my question:

1.  For users who have installed Galaxy and use either the Apache or Nginx 
proxy configuration from the Wiki, have you gotten the browser-based Automatic 
Install of toolshed tools to work?
2.  If so - could you share your proxy setup with me?

zach cp

Zach Charlop-Powers
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Laboratory of Genetically Encoded Small Molecules
Rockefeller University


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