Hi All,

I was wondering if I could have some advice/ and if this is a workable solution.

Basically there is a requirement to have both AD and Local accounts to be able 
to use galaxy on a VM.

So I have setup apache to have the two URL's http://here.com/AD/ and 
http://here.com/Local/ to goto there relevant place with using the same galaxy 
backend files for both setups of galaxy but only having a different 
universe_wsgi.ini for the AD version and universe_local_wsgi.ini for the local, 
and the [filter:proxy-prefix] for both to have either AD or Local as there 
prefix filters.

It appears to work in that you are able to login to both, but was wondering if 
anyone is able to stop a fatal flaw in this setup because I have just set it up 
and not really used it.

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