Hi dev-list,

I have noticed, that when I clone a workflow, the new workflow apparently inherits all tags from all my workflows or something similar. The result is that when ever I clone a workflow the number of tags in the tag list doubles, and thus rapidly grows towards infinity, and there's not much I can do about it - except to avoid cloning workflows, which is a drag. I get this behavior regardless if the workflow I clone from is tagged or not.

Has anyone else seen this?

Is there a way to remove all tags from a workflow? Shouldn't a given tag be present only once in the tag list pr. workflow? Now I have the same five tags appearing hundreds of times in each tag-list, and they are very hard - if not impossible to get rid of.

Kind Regards

Frank Sorensen

Frank Sørensen, B.Sc., Programmer
Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory (MDL)
Molekylær Medicinsk Afdeling (MOMA)
Århus Universitetshospital Skejby, Brendstrupgårdsvej, 8200 Århus N
Tlf. +45 7845 5363
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