The tl;dr short story - I've come across about $5,000 I can use to
build a machine, and this money has to be spent by Friday. I'd like
some help spec'ing out a machine that can be used as a small-scale
production Galaxy server for internal use by a handful of folks.

Would anyone be willing to talk with me tomorrow morning, Thursday May
3, and tell me about your experience setting up a Galaxy installation
on a scale like this? With about $5k to spend, what kind of hardware
should I prioritize? I'd also like to get a sense of how much admin
time is required to keep things running smoothly, updated, backed up,

I've had a difficult time getting ITS to help me get Galaxy running on
the university's cluster. This will hopefully be a proof of principal
that people here want this - hopefully I can get enough people here
using this small-scale installation that the university ITS realizes
the demand and has more motivation to get things working on the

Many thanks,


Stephen D. Turner, Ph.D.
Bioinformatics Core Director
University of Virginia School of Medicine
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