Hello Jesse,

Dam, Jesse van wrote, On 06/19/2012 01:27 PM:
> I found a solution, it seemed that I made a stupid mistake somewhere. But the 
> following solution will work to preserve the original text in the edit field.
> Add the following to your parameter
> [...]
> Then I use the following code in ruby to decode it again
> def unescape(val)
>   res = ""
>   escape = false
> [ ... ]
> If you want to preserve tabs you will have to add them, but example should be 
> clear on how to do that.

You can use the undocumented "url_paste", "file_data" variables which are never 
sanitized (but like all undocumented things - use at your own risk) [1].

It seems you want to give your use a big text area in which to write 
complicated text, a quicker solution might be to use a config file, and in your 
ruby script simply read the file - this preserves everything the user entered, 
with no extra work required (besides reading the file).

This is a snippet from an AWK tool [2], that allows users to enter long AWK 
<command interpreter="sh">awk_wrapper.sh '$input1' '$output' 
  <param format="txt" name="input1" type="data" label="File to process"/>
  <param name="url_paste" type="text" area="true" size="5x35" label="AWK 
Program" help="" />
 <data format="input" name="output" metadata_source="input1"/>
 <configfile name="awk_script">$url_paste</configfile>
Galaxy will create a temporary file (<configfile>) and put whatever the user 
entered there - newlines and everything.


[1]: undocumented non-sanitized variables:
$ grep NEVER lib/galaxy/util/__init__.py
    # is NEVER_SANITIZE required now that sanitizing for tool parameters can be 
controlled on a per parameter basis and occurs via InputValueWrappers?
    NEVER_SANITIZE = ['file_data', 'url_paste', 'URL', 'filesystem_paths']
                if key not in self.NEVER_SANITIZE and True not in [ 
key.endswith( "|%s" % nonsanitize_parameter ) for nonsanitize_parameter in 
self.NEVER_SANITIZE ]: #sanitize check both ungrouped and grouped parameters by 
name. Anything relying on NEVER_SANITIZE should be changed to not require this 
and NEVER_SANITIZE should be removed

[2] AWK tool:

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