> I just now tried visiting Galaxy main with my browser's javascript
> turned off.  Formerly the left Tools panel would appear with all
> of the sections expanded, however now it is empty except for
> "Workflows".  Also, some of the top menu bar items work without
> scripting, but others (including Help and User) do not.

This is expected behavior. 

In order to create a more dynamic, flexible, and interactive UI, we're 
increasingly using JavaScript in Galaxy. We believe that the JavaScript 
requirement is a reasonable tradeoff for what can be done using client-side 

> Ideally Galaxy would be usable without scripting, but if that is
> not feasible then I suggest checking whether javascript is available
> (as many other sites do) and displaying a prominent explanatory
> message if it is not.  This would be much more helpful than an
> inexplicably near-empty tool panel and broken menus.

Good idea; we plan to implement this soon.

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