Hi, Galaxy Developers,

I have a question that is very similar to the following thread;


Basically whenever I try to install a tool from the toolshed, it appears that a 
trailing slash is not appended to the Galaxy URL, which is causing a DNS lookup 
failure.  For example, the URL specified in the attached screenshot should be 
https://crigalaxy.uchicago.edu/admin_toolshed, however it is appearing as 
https://crigalaxy.uchicago.eduadmin_toolshed.    Does anybody know if there are 
any known bugs that would cause this behavior?  I might venture down the road 
of modifying lib/galaxy/webapps/community/controllers/repository.py as 
suggested by the thread above, although I would like to avoid doing this if 
possible.  I am seeing experiencing this behavior on the following version of 

> hg parent
changeset:   7400:ec29ce8e27a1

In addition to this, I feel that its worthwhile to mention that I am using the 
apache proxy balancer with web scaling, however based on what I have seen and 
tested, I do not believe this (apache) to be the root cause of my problem.  The 
URL below is a screenshot of the network debug I am seeing from the firebug 
extension in firefox.


If somebody has seen this, or could offer a suggestion to bring this issue to 
resolve, I would definitely be interested in your strategy.  Thank-you so much 
for your help and for your time.

Dan Sullivan
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