As far as I know most of the styling is in 
galaxydir/static/june_2007_style/blue/base.css or the other stylesheets present 
in that location.
Changes might only be visible when restarting the instance though!

[] Namens Philipe Moncuquet
Verzonden: vrijdag 30 november 2012 5:11
Aan: <>
Onderwerp: [galaxy-dev] Changing interface design


I am not satisfied with some colors of the interface. I am color blind and it's 
hard to discriminate between job running (light yellow) and job done (light 
green). Well most of the time I focus on red jobs right but anyway I would like 
to be able to change these stuff. Can anybody point me the file I am supposed 
to modify to be able to do so. Many thanks in advance.

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