> I was thinking whether I could establish the same from using the DB access 
> directly!? Or would that be too dangerous? In the past I have tried to 
> transfer the user tables from an old instance into a fresh one....but failed 
> due to all sorts of unpredictable errors..

We (the Galaxy team) do not recommend that you modify the database directly; 
there's just too much going on (keys, relationships, etc) to ensure that things 
go smoothly.

In fact, the whole point of the API is to provide a high-level, programmer 
interface so that developers do not have to work at a low (e.g. database) 
level. If you were going to write some code, you'd be best to try extending the 
API to support what you want. Should you get history import/export working, 
we'd be happy to incorporate it in the Galaxy source.


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