I had cleared my cache, and switched on error reporting ... Flash of insight: I had this issue before. :-s

I digged this thread up: http://dev.list.galaxyproject.org/Trackster-error-after-upgrade-td4656986.html

Repacking the scripts fixed it for me:

I have only a faint clue why the packing did not work: I had manually corrected some scripts (in static/scripts/viz/trackster), after merging failed during updating. Since those java scripts had been reflowed to have all the code on one line (...), the merging obviously did not work out well...

I forgot to repack the scripts after this manual intervention.


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On 01/10/2013 02:56 PM, Jeremy Goecks wrote:
In general, updating Galaxy works very smooth. But I got some strange 
unresolved merges after the last update (files affecting 
After resolving the conflicts (to the correct latest files), the visualisation 
component is not working anymore.
What version are you updating to?

Are you using the packed scripts via a proxy server?

Symptoms: I see the list of saved visualisations, but clicking on a 
visualisation just returns an empty screen. Creating a new visualisation: the 
box to name the visualisation appears, but after filling in and proceeding, 
again a blank screen with just the Galaxy Bar on top.
First step is always to clear your cache. After that, what are the JavaScript 
errors that you're seeing?


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