Hi Jeremy,

I did not do any change/corrections! That's why I was puzzled that the hg merging did not work... The files had just some '<<<<<<<<<<<<< local' lines that I needed to remove... Sorry that I could not be more helpful on this occasion.


Joachim Jacob

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On 01/14/2013 02:47 PM, Jeremy Goecks wrote:
I have only a faint clue why the packing did not work: I had manually corrected 
some scripts (in static/scripts/viz/trackster), after merging failed during 
I'm curious about what changes/corrections you made to Galaxy's scripts. Would 
you be willing to share them?

Since those java scripts had been reflowed to have all the code on one line 
(...), the merging obviously did not work out well...
In general, packing reduces the size of scripts so that they load more quickly. 
As you noted, merging packed scripts does not work well at all since they are 
all a single line. When you make changes to any Galaxy JavaScript files, you'll 
need to repack the script(s) yourself.


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