Hello all,

There are a couple of things going on with the GMOD
Project<http://gmod.org/wiki/> that
the Galaxy Community might be interested in. If you aren't familiar with
GMOD, it is a federation of open-source projects and tools that enable
visualizing, annotating, managing, and analyzing biological research data.
 GMOD includes Galaxy and several other widely used tools such as
, InterMine <http://gmod.org/wiki/InterMine>, MAKER<http://gmod.org/wiki/MAKER>
, Chado <http://gmod.org/wiki/Chado> and GBrowse<http://gmod.org/wiki/GBrowse>
 and JBrowse <http://gmod.org/wiki/JBrowse>.

The first is that GMOD is running a community-wide
survey<http://gmod.org/survey.html> through
March 1. The survey "aims to find out how you are using GMOD, what you find
useful (or otherwise), what support you need, and some information on the
GMOD components you use."  The survey results will be published at
gmod.organd past surveys have been extremely useful to the project.
If that's not
enough motivation, once you are done with the survey, you can enter to win
a free genome profile from 23andMe.


   → *C'mon, take the dang survey <http://gmod.org/survey.html>.*

The second is that registration is now open for the 2013 GMOD
Meeting<http://gmod.org/wiki/April%202013%20GMOD%20Meeting> being
held in Cambridge, UK, April 5 and 6.  There will be a Galaxy presence (at
least a project update, and I'm lobbying for a
CloudMan<http://wiki.galaxyproject.org/CloudMan> workshop
as well (and you could lobby too! <h...@gmod.org>)).

Finally, Biocuration 2013 <http://www.ebi.ac.uk/biocuration2013/home> is
immediately after the GMOD Meeting, and also in Cambridge.  Biocuration
will feature a GO Galaxy
using Galaxy to reason with ontologies.


Dave Clements
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