Dear everyone,

I have spent hours trying to set environment variable in Galaxy. I am managing the "s_mart" repos (you can check it if you wish), and I created the simple files "test.xml" which prints the environment variables:
<tool id="test" name="test">
        <description>This is a test.</description>
        <requirement type="set_environment">PYTHONPATH</requirement>
        <command>env > $outputFile</command>
<data name="outputFile" format="txt" label="output test file"/>
    <help>This is a test.</help>

and "tool_dependencies.xml", which appends something to the PYTHONPATH variable.:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <set_environment version="1.0">
<environment_variable name="PYTHONPATH" action="append_to">$REPOSITORY_INSTALL_DIR</environment_variable>
As you guess, I cannot see anything added in the PYTHONPATH variable. I have tried to append INSTALL_DIR and even "/tmp". None worked.

Do you have any suggestion for me?

Many thanks to you all,

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