I wanted to update CloudMan to use nginx 1.4.0 for web socket proxy
support, but I hit a problem. nginx-upload-module does not work with
nginx 1.4.0 and the author has no intention of continuing work on the


There is a patch that based on the comments in the above thread doesn't work:

And there are some related projects but I don't understand enough
about how Galaxy is interacting with nginx upload to know if they are
a promising replacement.


It also kind of seems like nginx might provide some support for
handling uploads directly without that module, here is the example
from that thread:

    location /upload {
      limit_except POST              { deny all; }

      client_body_temp_path          /tmp/;
      client_body_in_file_only       on;
      client_body_buffer_size        128K;
      client_max_body_size           50M;
      proxy_pass_request_headers     on;
      proxy_set_body                 $request_body_file;
      proxy_pass                     http://upstream; # will receive
file_name only
      proxy_redirect                 off;

Can the galaxy solution be adapted for this client_body_xxx style?

If not, has anyone looked at something like nginx-big-upload and
gotten it to work? I suppose this is not likely since nginx 1.4 just
came out, but it is worth asking.

If someone does figure it out someday, let me know and I can test and
update the CloudBioLinux/CloudMan stuff for whatever you figure out.

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