Hi All, 

My guess is that one of the most common ways in which tools will fail tests on 
the build-bot is when a dependency fails to install properly.  I think this is 
what is happening to my tool xtandem 


One potential improvement that I think could make it easier to debug this 
situation would be to show test status for repositories even when they contain 
no tools (the test would simply attempt an install and show the installation 
log under the test details).   This would be particularly useful for 
repositories that exist purely to install a dependency eg


Naturally a tool with proper functional tests would fail if its dependency 
installations fail .. but it would be a huge help in narrowing down the issue 
to be able to see where those failures occurred.  Another point is that this is 
pretty much the only way of getting feedback on why a tool might fail 
installation on the build-bot without having a perfect clone of the build-bot 


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