On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 10:30 AM, Joachim Jacob | VIB |
<joachim.ja...@vib.be> wrote:
> Unfortunately, updating to the latest code (9320:47ddf167c9f1) does not
> solve the problem.
> In Trello, this card  #584 was posted, mentioning installing compiled
> binaries is not yet possible, apparently. This is what I experience I
> believe.

I don't understand why that issue is open, this is possible.

e.g. I've successfully tested installing the pre-compiled NCBI
BLAST+ binaries as an alternative to local compilation:

See revision 19:c1a6e5aefee0 where I switched back to

> (BTW, the search bar at the top of Trello does not work for me - Galaxy
> board is only pinned to my account, so I cannot apparently search that way)

Yes - sadly the best we can do as non-members is filter cards
(pop out panel on right hand side) but that only looks at the titles.

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