Thanks John,

We do have pretty old code, so I applied your patches.

One minor problem, in multi_upload tool "Dataset Name" is ignored, just picks 
the first file name. Do we need to update or multi_upload.xml?


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Alex, if I am not mistaken you guys are using a fairly old version of the 
multiple file dataset code. I think on the server side you would need to apply 
the following three changesets to update the library backend to support the 
creation of multifile datasets (I guess if you are doing path pasting only the 
first changeset is really needed):

If your version of Galaxy is likewise pretty old you will need pull request 123 
as first 

Once those are in place updating should be pretty 
doable (Hagai Cohen had it working at some point):

1) You will need to replace:

data['upload_option'] = 'upload_paths'


data['upload_option'] = 'upload_paths_multifile'

2) You will need to specify a name (e.g. add something like:
data['NAME'] = os.path.basename(fullpath))

3) Multiple file datasets do not support data['ext'] = 'auto', so you will need 
to specify an explicit format there (the script will hopefully be able to 
determine this from the inputs).

The most updated version of the multiple file dataset stuff paired with the most updated 
version of blend4j ( are compatible and if 
you do enough digging can provide insights on how to create multiple file 
datasets via the API (library path pastes, library server directory uploads, 
and history uploads).

Hope this helps,

On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 1:40 AM,  <> wrote:
> Hi John,
> Can you please have a look at Neil's question.
> Thank you,
> -Alex
> From: Burdett, Neil (ICT Centre, Herston - RBWH)
> Sent: Thursday, 30 May 2013 4:30 PM
> To: Khassapov, Alex (CSIRO IM&T, Clayton)
> Subject: Multi File upload api
> Hi Alex,
>           The file "galaxy-dist/scripts/api/" 
> allows us to watch a folder then upload files that arrive in a 
> specified input folder into the database and history.
> Can you ask your friend (who implemented the multi file upload tool), 
> what changes are necessary to this file so we can upload multiple 
> files as we do from the GUI. I assume he would know quite quickly what 
> to do and hopefully quite simple....
> Thanks
> Neil

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