At Mon, 14 Oct 2013 20:22:06 -0500,
John Chilton wrote:
> Simon,
>   Very cool! I have two concerns. Rather than adding a new
> configuration option I think I would prefer to just check the
> configured dependency resolvers and then infer from them if the tool
> shed will be used. The configuration option strikes me as having to
> configure the same thing twice, and this change would make your setup
> slightly easier. Do you have any objection to me reworking your patch
> to do this? On the other hand, perhaps it is made more clear to the
> deployer that they are definitely disabling tool dependency
> installations if they have to add the explicit option this way.

Hi John,

I have no problem with you reworking it in that way.  There are two reasons
I didn't do that myself:

1. I would have had to change the interface to the dependency
   resolvers somehow to support this query, and I wasn't sure that was
   a good thing.

2. I wanted to make it explicit that toolshed package installation was
   disabled in this case, as I thought that would make it more likely
   this change gets accepted into the mainline.

Whichever way you Greg and Dave are happy with is OK by me.
Actually, I like your implicit approach better, so hope that's the one
that gets agreed.

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