On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 6:23 AM, Lukasse, Pieter <pieter.luka...@wur.nl> wrote:
> Hi Greg,
> what I mean is that I don't expect any other errors in my files since I
> corrected the errors you reported. When using my XML editor I also
> don't get any errors, so the files seem OK. However, the problem
> remains: one of the tools and also the dependencies definitions
> don't appear in the toolshed package. Are there .xsd files I can
> check these files against?

As far as I know there are no XML schema definitions for the Galaxy
tool definition format (e.g. DTD files), so this cannot be fully validated
by an XML validator.

As your problem, according to the Tool Shed you have four valid tools:

* MsPicture
* FASTA validator
* DB Search Converter
* Mascot

The missing (invalid) tool is masscomb_dbsearch_xtandem.xml -
X Tandem. Does the tool work on your local Galaxy instance?
If so then it seems the Tool Shed is being too strict, or failing
to parse this tool for some reason.

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