Hello all,

For those interested in more flexible tabular output from BLAST+,
please try out the wrappers on the *Test* Tool Shed which I have
also just updated to wrap BLAST+ 2.2.29 as well:


One open question is should the interface for picking columns
include the current column numbers or not? e.g.


(Screenshot from this thread last month, where opinion was split)

In future work we'll add some of the new columns added in the
BLAST+ 2.2.28 release like taxonomy fields - but this needs a
bit of thought about how to handle the taxonomy database (i.e.
should we support multiple versions for full reproducibility, or
just use the current version on disk regardless). Most of the
time updates to the NCBI taxonomy will simply be additions,
which should be harmless to reproducibility - but sometimes
taxa can be rearranged.


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